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Sandwiches & Dinner

Texas Link Dinner

Texas Link Sandwich

3 Chicken Wings Dinner

Private Catering
Smoked to juicy perfection, You Buy We Smoke

Smoke Meat /Cooking

Texas Link  with our Gourmet BBQ Sauce

Smoked with our Gourmet BBQ Sauce served on a grill bun  

(With baked beans, bread and potato salad)
Slow smoked, very tender

Peach Cobbler Special

Love to cook add Stevenson Gourmet BBQ Sauce to your recipes:
Carrot Sticks
Blood Mary
Meats: Fish, Turkey Wings, Lamb Chops, BBQ Shrimp, Beef Steak, Chicken, Pork, Burgers, Meat Loaf




Price Per Party

$7 to $8 pound